Manufacturing of γ-titanium aluminide intermetallic components for aeronautic applications

Basque Country, Spain Turkey

The AeroTiAl project aims to develop new advanced engine components made of  γtitanium aluminide intermetallic alloys. The new parts are characterized by greater efficiency and high added value in order to meet the high expectations of the ever demanding aeronautic industry. The project is created to provide answers to a number of outstanding issues in the aviation sector. Of course, this project not only caters new process and product development, but also serves to develop a strategic position in the industrial world of Basque and Turkish companies. Thus, this activity will revert benefits at different levels: developing new products, improving current manufacturing processes, reduced CO2 emissions by weight reduction compared to conventional materials, creating new jobs, obtaining profitability, maintain and improve safety on aircraft, etc. The development of advanced applications in γtitanium aluminide intermetallic efficient engine components with high added value is based, as in this study, on the evolution of the aviation and materials sectors, particularly in the case of Ti alloys, all in the context of improved production processes and associated transformers. Given the novelty of the process to develop, and the expectation of acquiring know-how, is not discarded to use this knowledge in other areas of high demand in the future

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January 2017