BIO.NANO.LAS - Laser-based manufacturing system for biotech nanoparticles production

Basque Country, Spain Piedmont, Italy Romania

The project BIO.NANO.LAS - Laser-based manufacturing system for biotech nanoparticles production, is aimed to design and realisation of an innovative laser-based manufacturing system for nanoparticles production, intended as flexible, adaptive, cost-effective and targeted to overcome the limitation of standard production processes in terms of process control and particles purity, as the considered applications are asking for. The system will be based on the process of laser ablation of a proper solid target in liquid environment. During the project, the laser ablation process will be studied and set-up, and the outcome of this research will be used to develop a prototype production system, suitable for real industrial use. The produced nanoparticles will be fully characterized and functionalized, then applied for biological and biomedical applications. A risk analysis concerning the nanoparticles production and handling will also be provided.

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