NANOGREEN - Development and application of innovative Nanomaterials-based titanium dioxide to reduce air pollution

Navarra, Spain Piedmont, Italy

The aim of the project was to test the production, the application methodolgy and the effectivness of photocatalitic systems based on titania, in nanometric dimension, added with different fuctional materials.

Different combinations of titania, added with specific functional materials, have been tested on a variety of surfaces as metallic panels, glass, concrete and other materials used in the construction of buildings (windows, walls, roof, floor and ceiling).

Different deposition technologies have been tested too; the best have been those related to spray deposition, with proper dedicated improvements.

In particular the results on coated metal panels are of extreme industrial interest for the high performance of the photocatalytic titanium dioxide, the easy applicability with satisfactory thickness uniformity and the good maintenance over time of the performance characteristics of the product. However good results have been achieved also for glasses and concrete.

A detailed economic analysis about the metal panels results showed that the treatment with nanomaterials has a cost extremely interesting for a wide commercial applications.

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