SoMaMicSens - Development of soft Magnetic Microwires with GMI effect for Micro-Sensors

Basque Country, Spain Slovakia

The goal of present proposal, involving activity in material processing and manipulating, structural and magnetic characterization and engineering science of sensor developing and testing, is development of mass production of magnetic microwires with improved GMI effect (high linearity and low hysteresis) suitable for micro-sensor applications.

Amorphous and nanocrystalline magnetics possess excellent soft magnetic properties, high temperature stability, high saturation magnetization which constitutes sensing priority properties. Contrary to this, their use in sensing technology at present is very limited. The main reasons are quite recent technology developement and complex structure-property relationship and unpredictable changes during processing. We propose to utilize microwire technology for producing of amorphous and nanocrystalline magnetics directly in the final shape with protective coating suitable for microsensing applications. The expected physical effects employed in the proposed sensors are: fast magnetization switching occurring at predefined environment conditions for remote stress sensing, giant magnetoimpedance at MHz frequencies for sub-nano and sub-pico Tesla magnetic field detection, and magnetic structure dependent electric polarization (smart antenna) for remote stress/temperature monitoring. With this achievement, the developed amorphous and nanocrystalline wires will be specifically targeted microwires for use in microsensors.

The proposal describes a multidisciplinary program involving activity in material processing and manipulating, structural and magnetic characterization and engineering science of sensor developing and testing.

Novel magnetic microwires are effectively multi-functional materials due to their excellent and unusual magnetic, electrical and mechanical properties. Their immediate applications include a variety of magnetic sensor devices (for magnetic field, electrical current, mechanical stress etc..) and smart materials at high frequency range (e.g., flexible microwave screening materials; electromagnetic windows, wave guides and phase-array antennas). Newly discovered magnetic microwires have extraordinary properties which make them suitable within a huge range of new products, systems and even for the establishment of new industries within materials technology.

Particularly, recently first industrial appplication containing magnetic microwires with imporved GMI effect produced by TAMAG Ibérica S.L. (coordinator of present proposal) has been introduced by japanise company "Aichi Steels". This confirms excellent potential of magnetic microwires for modern technological application. On the other hand development of fabrication facilities in European Community will contribute in enhancement of competitiveness of the european SMEs in this technology.

The project forms perspective consortia that consist of wide range of scientists from theoretians, experimentators and engineers able to introduce their knowledges into the practical form and finishing with SME able to produce the final products.The concrete ultimate goal of this project is the creation and development of advanced micro - wire technology and its applications with improved efficient technical characteristics.

General goal of the present project is to develop the manufacturing of a novel magnetic materials- thin metallic magnetic wires with about 0,01 mm in diameter (one order less than human hair) and their technological application in magnetic TAGs.

The development of magnetic sensors for detection of the objects and products is one of the most dynamically growing applications of modern industry. Different technological sectors like automobile, aeronautics and authentication of the products demand the miniaturized sensors with improved functionalities for their integration in systems of control, regulation, measurement, detection, and technologies of the Information, among others.

The consortium consisted of 3 Universities and 2 SMEs from the Basque Country, Spain and 3 from Slovakia, expertss in design of sensors, fabrication of magnetic microwires and on studies of their magnetic properties.

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