ANFIBIO-ANtibacterial and electromagnetic interference shielding FInishing for BIOmedical and technical textiles

Navarra, Spain Piedmont, Italy

The activities of the ANFIBIO project mainly dealt with bio-active electro-conductive finished textile prototypes with excellent antibacterial properties, satisfactory microwave attenuation and excellent stability to dry-cleaning obtained. The results showed that the proposed finishing based on the deposition of polypyrrole are suitable for new high-added value textile products with environmental and social benefits.

Prototypes of functional wearable textiles (T-shirt, bandages and socks) were produced on the basis of the results gathered during the project.

The feasibility to incorporate the new products into production were tested by the industrial partners. After the whole process of production the final product will be again evaluated for the final end applications. Antibacterial, electrical conductivity, EMI shielding and fastness properties of technical socks, garments (T-shirts) and bandages were evaluated and found excellent.

In particular, the final T-shirt prototypes are composed of polypyrrole-coated cotton fibres (see Figure 1).

Also elastic tubular bandages and socks (Figures 2 and 3) manufactured with this finishing show the same very good characteristics.

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