SELF - Next- gen Shields for elettrosmog mitigation at Extremely LowFrequency

Piedmont, Italy Romania

The project objective was the development of different types of shielding systems for low frequency magnetic fields and the development of a special coating which would guarantee the durability of the shielding system under different environmental conditions.

All the objectives set at the begin of the project have been successfully achieved with the marketing, already before the end of the project, of the indoor products lines for the shields of MV/LV substations and cable lines. Some months after the end project even the commercialization of the entire line of products for outdoor and underground installation have been started.

The project led to the development of modular products, easily installable by the end customer, with price / performance ratio significantly lower than market standards.

In the project the tools to evaluations of the magnetic fields produced by different sources have also been developed in order to lead to a correct sizing of shielding systems, and to provide to the end customer a turnkey package of design and supply of the shielding materials.

Thanks to the features described above the products had a significant success on the market. Particularly all the products developed in the project have been sold and installed for different applications. In the figures presented below different kind of applications are presented:

  • Shielding of complex MV/LV Substations (Fig. 1; Fig2)
  • Shielding of Low Voltage power lines (Fig. 3)
  • High Voltage buried power lines (Fig. 4; Fig 5)
  • Shielding of buildings under High voltage power lines (Fig. 6; Fig 7)

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