ConPAM - Development of a conditioning unit for metallic powders used for additive manufacturing

Germany Switzerland

The focus of ConPAM project is on the improvement of additive manufacturing (AM) process chain for metallic materials. One crucial boundary condition for a stable AM process is the fulfilment of constant powder quality conditions. The equipment to be developed during ConPAM project is made for setting up required degree of humidity as well as desired particle size distribution. The equipment will be applicable to be used for conditioning new and used powder materials. In high-end configuration, it will contain a powder drying, de-humidification and dosing unit (including measurement systems). The whole process will be performed under inert atmosphere. Therefore, it will be applicable for a high variety of different materials (e.g. steel or titanium). For ConPAM equipment, a modular design approach will be used. In this context, it will be possible to combine core modules (e.g. sieving or drying) to customer-specific solutions (low budget up to high-end).

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January 2017