Development of ceramic cutting tools based on a hybrid FAST/SPS manufacturing process

Asturias, Spain Basque Country, Spain Portugal

This project is focused on the development and subsequent introduction in the market of a new generation of cutting tools based on ceramic materials. These materials will suppose a radically innovative product with improved mechanical properties and lower market price due to the microstructural control of the materials and the application of FAST/SPS technology for the consolidation of the products. The basis of this project is the improvement of the mechanical performance of these ceramics via the introduction of a low percentage of certain metals and the maintenance of the material nanostructure during the sintering stage due to the fast consolidation by applying the (FAST/SPS) technology. These metals will also add specific functionalities to the materials (i.e. electroconductivity) and will bring about alternative and cost-effective routes (i.e. Electro discharge machining) for the final machining operation to the cutting tool. Success of the project will depend on the capability of solving different challenges related with manufacturing processes at different levels, from starting materials preparation to design and manufacturing of final components

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January 2017