3D Inkjet Printing of PV devices based on thin films of Semiconductor Oxides

Catalonia, Spain Germany

The aim of this project is to develop new photovoltaic cells based on p- and n-type inorganic semiconductor oxides, in order to evaluate its feasibility as future low cost and stable solar modules. In particular, the specific project objectives are: (1) The development of flexible, scalable and cost-effective production system for textured substrates acting as crystalline templates for photovoltaic oxides (2) To realize the required structuration of the oxides by 3D printing as the key manufacturing method for the heterojunction PV devices. (3)  Obtaining the precursor inks for the photovoltaic oxides and (4) Measurement of PV performance, efficiency and stability, thanks to the special material architectures accessible by 3D inkjet printing.

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January 2017