Temperature supported hydroforming of stainless steel tubes

Basque Country, Spain Germany

The MANUNET project HySST has the objective of improving the manufacturability and quality of profile component parts with extraordinary lightweight potential while reducing the process chains needed for manufacturing them. This project pursues a holistic approach that takes the significant steps in the process routine into account starting from laying-up the component parts through process development right down to developing the needed plant engineering and tool technology. Specifically, this focuses on the process of hydroforming stainless steels where geometrically complex component parts can be produced with a high level of integrated functions and extraordinary lightweight potential. Furthermore, it strives for a significant reduction in the steps in the process that are needed for component part production by developing state-ofthe-art plant engineering and tool technology. The final result will be producing a method for generally valid application of project results to streamline existing plant systems and provide the optimum layout for new systems.

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January 2017