Vibration-assisted drilling of FRP and FRP-Metal-Stacks using special cooling/lubrication strategies

Germany Israel Turkey

The purpose of the »VibroCool« project is a system and process development for an advanced drilling technology of fibre-reinforced plastics (FRPs) and FRP-Metal-Stacks. Vibration assisted machining, the use of special cooling respectively lubrication strategies (two channel feed through of aerosol and liquid CO2) and optimized polycrystalline diamond drills will be combined to reach the highest possible increase in cutting performance. For the realization of the planned technology chosen system components as well as their interfaces will be developed and integrated within a sophisticated machine tool. Parallel process technological investigation will guarantee an utilisation of the technological potential of the »VibroCool«-technology. In that way »VibroCool« will contribute to a strengthening of the European composite industry

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January 2017