Development of new manufacturing process chain for implantable sensors, based on new printable inks and micro injection moulding encapsulation for intra ocular pressure monitoring

Asturias, Spain Romania Wallonia, Belgium

The proposed project named SINKµLAR focuses on the development of a new manufacturing process chain capable of integrating flexible-electronic components processing and micro injection moulding replication techniques on a miniaturized implantable device. Specific objectives would be the following ones:  1. Definition of requirements for functional final product and manufacturing systems. 

2. Development of sensor for IOP measure system. 

3. Development of micro communications system for measured data and energy supply. 

4. Development of functional conductive inks and deposition system. 

5. Integration of all electronic components through printing manufacturing process over polymeric flexible substrate. 

6. Encapsulation of electronic integrated system within IOL device, through novel micro injection over moulding manufacturing technique.  


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January 2017