Big Data application at MAnufacturing industry

Wallonia, Belgium Lombardia, Italy

BigData (BD) technologies are widely applied in sectors out of manufacturing (i.e. finance/ telecommunication). Such technologies allow to merge high-dimensional data (pictures, videos, data sensors, etc.) with complex event processing to acquire significant information, detect plant/process/product anomalies and provide real-time support in decision. To extract the full potential of BD techniques in manufacturing production, particularly in complex processes, like mechanics and pharmaceutics, adaptations of DB technologies are required to consider the following main aspects: • processes with different characteristics (batch, semi-continuous, continuous); • complex production routes and machineries working in different plants; • wide variety/high quality of products. The proposal intends to develop a BD framework, tailored for manufacturing sector, able to handle, in a short available processing time, huge amount of structured/unstructured data. On this base, online analytics tools/predictive models will be developed for maintenance in production line (pharmaceutics) and grinder machines (mechanics). The proposed solutions will be implemented/tested in industrial environments.

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January 2017