COst-effective enabling MatErials and Technologies for Access to Space

Israel Puglia, Italy Lombardia, Italy

The main aim of COMETAS is to introduce and validate a series of new processing technologies, which can significantly reduce the costs and increase the reliability of the materials used to manufacture chemical propulsion systems i.e. Solid Rocket Motors (SRMs) which are at the base of the space access. These materials and processing technologies are essential to preserve the independent access to space for Europe through indigenous systems as well as to enable the manufacturing of a new generation of small launchers for the growing industry of nano- and micro-satellites. These innovative manufacturing technologies and materials will be validated through a comprehensive experimental and numerical research program to characterize the thermo-mechanical response and ablation resistance of the developed materials. The consortia will be constituted by leading research centers and companies in the field of ablative materials such as Rafael and subcontractors such as Hexion. A wide series of letters of interest of end-users such as MBDA and D-Orbit has also been collected. Moreover, a steering committee based on these players will provide unique guidance to the research program.

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January 2017