Digital Manufacturing Technologies for the Development of Smart Sensors and Electronics for Agro-industrial systems

Germany Israel Russia Federation

The objective of the proposed project is the development of a digital manufacturing process chain based on printing technologies and nanomaterial-based ink formulations for the development of smart sensors and hybrid electronics in different fields of applications. Nanomaterials can improve the performance and properties of existing products. However, innovative production technologies need to be developed allowing an effective integration of nanomaterials in the manufacturing chain and thus in the final products. The manufacturing technology needs to be highly flexible and efficient towards the use of the usually expensive nanomaterials. The high flexibility of the manufacturing technology is required to cope among others with the increasing trend of product customization and thus decreasing number of equal products. DigiMan aims to develop such a manufacturing technology chain based on digital printing methods, the usage of novel nanomaterial-based ink formulations, and hybridization with conventional electronics.

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January 2017