New functionalized medical devices for surgical interventions in the pelvic cavity

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The incidence of cancer of all kinds is growing all over the world, and thereby the number of surgical interventions in the field of oncological surgery records a continuous growth year after year. In some cases, the complete resection of one or more organic structures (rectum, uterus, ovaries, and bladder) from the pelvis is required. These surgical interventions, called pelvic exenteration or evisceration, are associated with a high post-operative morbidity and mortality. One of the complications is related to occlusions and fistulas, when the intestinal loops adhere to the perineal plain. The pelvic prosthesis developed in MedIn project will be designed to fill the empty excavation, support the intestinal loops and prevent any inflammatory phenomena caused by the adherence of perineal tissue. Other complications which may occur after pelvic exenterations refer to overall infectious, hemorrhagic complications, surgical infections. In general, wound infection associated with pelvic exenterations is reported to be as high as 40%. This remained and unmet need will be covered through the innovative oxygenated wound dressing that will be developed within the scope of this project.



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