NOvel Natural Antimicrobial CoaTings for food production chain

Romania Toscana, Italy

The innovative idea of NON-ACT is the development of a spryable polyvinyl alcohol (PVAP) polymeric matrix composed by food additives and loaded with natural compounds having both antimicrobial and nutraceutical properties derived from various plants, animals and microorganisms as natural antimicrobial coating for food industry and packaging. The development of natural surface treatments for preventing microbial contamination across the supply and production chain in the food industry, especially in the food processing and packaging, satisfies both the needs for reducing outbreaks of foodborne diseases, due to pathogen-contaminated food, and consumer demand for foods containing reduced levels of chemically-synthesized food additives. Food antimicrobial coating market in non-healthcare markets is about US$225 million going on to reach US$500 million by the 2022. NON-ACT consortium covers all the requested competences to fulfill the project goals (up to TRL6). In fact, it integrates knowledge from academic partners, with relevant track records on materials development and decades of experience in food analysis, processing and packaging from agri-food SMEs.

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January 2017