Recycled raw materials for Innovative Food Supplement, Cosmetics or Medical Devices

Catalonia, Spain Navarra, Spain Finpiemonte, Italy

The project aim is to transform production waste from tomato and alimentary (tomato, rice, oil, wine, spirits) sectors to produce new natural raw materials which could be safely used in new and innovative Food Supplements, Cosmetics or Medical Devices products. The project aims to expand the range of bioactive compounds obtainable from scraps of agro-industrial productions (especially the skins and grape seeds after wine and after distillation, or husk and rice straw, waste of rice processing) by optimizing the extraction process (extraction test innovative and environmentally sustainable performed on pilot scale) and the employing a purification membrane system (ultra and nano-filtration, reverse osmosis) to obtain high value bioactive substances. Applying CO2-based cryospraying process, these bioactive substances will be formulated and processed further into fine solid micro/nanoparticles which can be developed into high added-value, marketable products, for the nutraceutical and medical sectors. Finally the products will pass through the highest test of feasibility in order to obtain Food Supplement,Cosmetics and/or Medical Device to be sold through out all European countries.

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January 2017