Cost-effective manufacturing process and equipment for high-performance electric motors

Asturias, Spain Navarra, Spain Overijssel, Netherlands Finpiemonte, Italy

The global market of electric motors and Electrical Vehicles (EV) in particular is growing quickly. Motors manufacturers are forced to reduce production costs, supply products with higher performances and increase productivity. This is due to technical and environmental regulations, and competition from low-cost Countries. eBoost aims at developing an enabling process and machines to produce innovative motors, that are fit for EV application, and maintenance services based on Augmented Reality (AR). This will result in reducing the electric motors cost by 30%, by decreasing the waste material by 40% and the assembly costs by 20%. eBoost motors will have 15% higher torque density than traditional drives, and the target productivity of the related production process is more than 95% of operative time.

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January 2017