CHUCKS - Innovative chucks with self tool lubrication

Basque Country, Spain Slovenia

The goal of the CHUCKS project is to develop an innovative chuck, featuring internal and indipendent lubrication with the minimum possible quantity of cutting oil following the Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) approach.

The working group involved in the MANUNET CHUCKS Project succeeded in developing an innovating chuck that substantially improved the SCM line of spindles for tapping and drilling,"GREENCHUCK", in fact, allows to apply the technology MQL (Minimum Quantity Lubrication) even to CNC machines which are not equipped for using this facility.

As a matter of fact MQL technique is expected to spread more and more in the future. The reason stays in the increasing awareness of the harms that traditional emulsion lubrication causes in the industrial working environment. Moreover there is the issue of the lubricant disposal/recovery costs. In fact while emulsions require a special recovery treatment, whose cost can be estimated in the order of 0.3 €/lt, most MQL oils are biodegradable and their treatment is simpler and cheaper. Beyond the much reduced environmental impact and related costs there is the saving that is obtained in the quantity of used lubricant which translates into great economical advantages.

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