EOLTECCO - A small power electric wind-farm fed from industrial smokes and airflows

Piedmont, Italy Slovenia

Project goal:

Exploit exiting air flows from emission points of production plants.

Project development:

  • Census and measurements of discharge, speed, and section of several emission points;
  • Change/adaptation of air pipelines for flow optimization;
  • Processing data necessary for the construction of the prototype and the final turbine;
  • Start-up of the turbine and monitoring of energy produced.


Continuous production of 1.13 Kw without interference and vibrations on Agrindustria production plants


The exploitation of the exhaust air flows for the production of electrical energy is possible.

We did not reach a very high production because the experiment was made on low flow pipelines.

In order to understand if the project could have a commercial development, in a second step it should be tested on larger pipes to achieve higher production results.

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January 2017