VARY-GEAR - Development of a Manufacturing Process for Innovative Variable Speed Ratio Transmission Systems to be Used in Automated Barriers

Piedmont, Italy Romania

The main goals of this project are innovative manufacturing and testing methods for advanced high precision and high performance mechanical transmission based on non-circular gears. The results improve the performance, cost and reliability of automated gates/barriers and motion systems.

The innovation goals of the project are attained following four related research paths:

  1. Research of innovative design procedures for non-circular gears.
  2. Development of a new, more effective, process for manufacturing of non-circular gears.
  3. Development of advanced new coating treatment techniques with specific characteristics to the contact and pressure conditions present in non-circular gear meshing.
  4. Development of an innovative metrology technique based on an optimized mix of hardware/software customized to non-circular gear measurement.

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January 2017